Generate 20x More Leads in Just Three Quarters

How You Can Cure Empty Calendar Syndrome for Good:

Are you frustrated that no matter what you try, you can't seem to book enough demos to GROW your digital health startup at the pace you want?

Perhaps you’ve tried the agency route.

Or maybe you've posted social media post after social media post.

Or maybe you've resorted to "email blasts" that barely get any response and leave you feeling like no one wants your product.

No matter what you try, the sales calendar stays empty - and your growth stays stagnant.

As a growth-stage startup, you don’t have time for mistakes. You can’t afford another month with no results to show for it.

But let's be honest - most "digital health experts" have no idea what they're talking about.

You've done your homework.

You've taken meetings with successful digital health startups.

And the things they told you to do didn't work.

Because you don't need anecdotal evidence.

You need a lead generation methodology that's been proven across MANY digital health startups - not just something that worked for someone one time.

You need it applied to YOUR PARTICULAR NEEDS - because the cookie cutter advice doesn't work.

You need a PERSONALIZED GROWTH BLUEPRINT that tells you everything you need to do, week over week, to build a sustainable lead generation engine and cure empty calendar syndrome for good.

I can teach you how to get leads.


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I've worked with 30+ digital health startups of every shape and size

I've learned the principles of the OMEGA Framework and PAGE Methodology the hard way, and how to apply each to EVERY situation imaginable.

And I've gotten companies from deep in empty calendar syndrome to EXPONENTIAL growth, time and time again.

Exponential growth isn't theoretical to me. I've gotten there over and over again for the digital health startups that work with me.

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